Mondido is actively reducing fraud, which means that an underlying Anti Fraud engine looks at each purchase and determines if it is a high or low risk for online merchants to accept the payment, if the purchase should be denied totally, alternatively be redirect to a another payment method. You can also activate 3D Secure for high risk purchases.

Some of the parameters that Anti Fraud can be track:

    • Type of card
    • Name of bank
    • Country of card owner
    • Country for the purchase
    • If the payer uses a Proxy
    • If the payer uses Tor
    • If the payer is a known scammer

+ much more…


Mondido is a certified payment provider compliant to Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) version 3.2 to provide a secure transaction for merchants and their customers. PCI compliance for merchants is required for any business accepting cardholder data. Let Mondido capture this sensitive information using one of our Hosted Window or mondido.js solutions to avoid PCI compliance issues.


Mondido understands the need to incorporate best business practices in security. That’s why we’ve made it easy for merchants to implement 3D Secure or “3 Domain Secure” as the industry standard identity check solution to minimize chargebacks from fraudulent credit cards, all included in our simple pricing. 3D-Secure refers to second authentication factor products such as Verified by VisaMastercardⓇSecureCode™American Express SafekeyⓇ, and JCB J/Secure™. NOTE: We recommend using our Hosted Window or Mondido.js solution to save time in implementing 3D-Secure to your checkout procedure.


Secure Socket Layer is required to securely transfer cardholder data and payment information to Mondido. It is recommended that you purchase a SSL certificate directly through a recognized certification authority such as TrustwaveⓇHTTPS.SE or purchase a custom SSL certificate through your current e-commerce solution.